Monday, October 18, 2010


As my maternity leave comes to an end (only 2 weeks left...) I find myself getting teary eyed (and even full blown sobbing) at the thought of leaving my sweet baby boy for 8 or more hours a day. I never realized how hard this would be. We have spent everyday together learning about each other and me finding ways to entertain him. He's been my sidekick and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I knew this magical time would end but it just came so fast....

Everyday we do tummy time, play, sing, dance, read, nap and explore. Naps with my little dude are so relaxing. I sometimes just stare at him while he sleeps. He puts his little arm around me and snuggles in close. I'll miss our naps. I'll miss our play time. I'll miss our moments together that bring me such joy. I'll miss him.

I try and do an outing each day and we've been everywhere. I took Evan to Petsmart and showed him the birds and fish and he just stared and stared. I took him by the Hallmark window to show him the Halloween decorations. He really enjoys lights. I'll miss the moments where he is so intrigued by something that he just stares and makes little "o's" with his mouth.

I know we will spend time together on the weekends but I have just been so spoiled with getting to be with him all day every day. I went shopping for work clothes last weekend and John hung out with Evan. I felt so sad. I have separation anxiety I guess.....See I know Evan will be fine and well taken care of. I know he will have fun meeting new people and watching the other babies's me who will have the problems. I don't want to miss anything and I feel like I'll be missing a huge chunk of Evan's baby stages and milestones.

This week we are doing a test run, pretending like I am going to work. So, waking up like I would (5am) and getting dressed and preparing Evan for the day. WOW, this is hard. I am also trying not to take any naps since I won't be taking naps at work. Needless to say, I am exhausted. This is going to be tough.

I will cherish the moments that Evan and I have shared during these few months. He is growing so fast. We have learned so much about each other and he has taught me things about myself as well. I am lucky to be his mama.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Evan is 2 Months!

Wow, my baby boy is 2 months. He has already changed so much since we first brought him home. This month was definitely better than the first month. I am excited that my boy is growing and learning about the world but the older he gets the closer I get to returning to work which I am NOT excited about. My eyes fill with tears every time I think about that dreadful day when my baby boy and I will part. I'll try not to think about it so that I can soak up every moment with Evan.

Dear Evan,

What an exciting month we had! We have fallen into a routine and you have been kind enough to grant us the gift of sleep. Each night we take a bath, Dad gives you a bottle (you are eating a whopping 5 ounces of formula at bedtime) and we rock you to sleep. If I get to rock you to sleep, I sing softly to you and try to soak up all of your yummy baby smells. We supplement with formula at night because it has proven to help you sleep for longer stretches. We only do one bottle at bedtime, the rest of the time we nurse which we are now pros at.

You have been getting better at tummy time! You hang out for a few minutes on your tummy, lifting your head, turning your head from side to side and kicking your legs while I cheer you on. I can tell you really wanna get crawling. You also recognize me and look for me when someone else is holding you. You bat at the toys that hang over your bouncy chair and show your excitement by kicking your legs and waving your arms. You've also started having conversations with us by cooing and the sound is so sweet. You began studying faces more intently. When your uncle Mike is near, you stare at his face for a long time.

The best part about month 2 is your smile! You smile every day now and it melts my heart and brings tears of joy. I snapped a picture of you smiling , complete with a little drool, during our 2 month photo shoot and it is the BEST:


You still have your days when your grumpy and you wake up grumpy but we are having more fun. We have been going on at least one outing per day. You don't like your car seat very much because you don't like to be restrained but once you calm down you seem to enjoy the ride. Also, you don't prefer mama to shop, you just want to see new things and keep moving.

Take a look at our 2 month old photo shoot:

In his new diaper cover.

Oh my heart is melting! Evan is smiling at Dad.

So serious.

Distracted by Mollie.

First pair of shoes! I had to get him converse.

Well, that wraps up month 2. We are surviving, feeling rested and having some fun. You are an awesome side kick, dude. I am so excited for month 3!

I love you with all my heart,


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