Saturday, March 27, 2010

Starting the Nursery

John put the crib together today! Of course we should have painted first but I was so excited about seeing the crib put together. So, in a few weeks we'll paint the walls a light green. I am going to make curtains, too. John picked out the ocean theme! I thought that was sweet. My dogs thought the mobile (which has little stuffed sea creatures on it) was their new toy and tried to steal it out of the room. I am excited about the nursery coming together.

Baby news: I am now 22 weeks and he is moving a lot! Some days he is more active at night but not so much that it keeps me awake. I notice the punches and kicks getting stronger each week. Some days I have a lot of energy and others I have to fight to keep my eyes open at work. All in all everything is going well!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

19 weeks and growing

Today we had another doctor's appointment and had a great experience (they haven't all been pleasant). We had a sonogram done today that told us what our baby's sex is. IT'S A BOY!!! John and I are so excited! I've gained 5 pounds since the last doctor's appointment and am starting to have trouble reaching my toes! See the pictures below!

Isn't he cute? I can't wait to meet him! This weekend we are going to register, that should be fun. Now it's time to think about names and such. I also have to search for pants that fit. I have been eating a lot of sour things. Today I discovered this candy that is the most sour candy I have ever had. Tears came out of my eyes!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So, last week I realized that I can feel the baby moving! I noticed that after most every meal I could feel little taps. Over the weekend I rested my hand on my belly for a while and noticed that I could feel them on my fingers, too! It's amazing. I picture the baby swimming around in there. Today there was a lot of movement in the morning, so much, that it made me stop and laugh out loud! This week I am 18 weeks and officially in my 5th month (wow!). My midsection is growing rapidly and my pants are on their last leg. I really have to try hard to reach my shoes to tie them and noticed it's harder to climb stairs. Cravings: salty and sour things! I got some pucker pals (a generic version of sour patch kids) and they are great. I am trying to hunt down some sour skittles now. Next week is the next doc visit and John and I can't wait!

A friend made me this baby sling that you can wrap around yourself in many different ways and it's wonderful! I think it will be a daily staple in my wardrobe. I think we'll register in a week and a half, how exciting. Goals: trying to get in some leisure reading done before baby arrives because I am thinking I won't have time or energy for it...organize closets, drawers and least get a walk in daily...

Check back next week for a post about the doc appointment!

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