Friday, July 30, 2010

Clutch Purse Sewing and Baby Updates

Lets do baby/pregnancy updates first.
At my weekly doctor appointment we found that my blood pressure is high...lovely. I knew something was up because for the last week I've felt my racing at times or that it's hard to breathe (similar to an anxiety attack). So when the nurse took my bp and took it again the be sure and goes, "Hmm" I start to worry. I think I am a professional worrier. I worry about everything from the known to the unknown. Of course, immediately I start to think of the worst possible things....So the nurse has me lie on my left side for a little while and then comes back to check my bp again. It got a little better but still high. I was ordered to take it easy and rest. They pushed my next weekly appointment up a few days because they want to check my bp again and order labs to check for preeclampsia if my bp remains high. I am still dilated only 1 cm (bummer) but I kinda knew since the contractions haven't been as strong or frequent as the last few weeks. The doc estimates baby to be currently 7.5 lbs! No weight gain for me this week which is good but surprising to me since my eating habits haven't changed. I am getting more uncomfortable each day. The humidity has set in due to the monsoons, so even if the temps cool off from the storms that roll in each day, the humidity makes me feel awful. Sleep is difficult and the leg cramps are just mean. Oh well, it could always be worse! I hope E gets here soon! Officially we are down to 8 days, wow! I can't wait to meet him.

Our neighbor brought over baby gifts and my Dad sent us a huge mountain of clothes/towels/blankets etc! We are ready to get this show on the road and the anticipation is killing me! I feel like I am waiting in line for a really exciting roller coaster ride and the line is barely moving...

This week I began my maternity leave from work and hoped with all my heart that my little guy would such luck. So, I cleaned and rested and did a sewing project (which probably didn't help my bp since I got frustrated with it!) It has been nice being able to take naps and stay on top of household chores etc. I even have time to fit in some yoga which always makes me feel great.

Now, onto the clutch sewing project!
I follow Noodlehead (for any crafters out there, there is an awesome blog) and I found this tutorial for a clutch purse so I decided to give it a whirl. I am a very very novice sewer and I have never done anything like this. I had a little trouble which means I got upset at myself, contemplated throwing it into a fire but then decided to take it apart and start again when I had regained my patience. After my temper tantrum, I started over and had a much better result. Have a look!

Yes, there are things that are wrong with it (like the band on the front is totally not straight), but hey, this is my first one and it is still functional so I'm excited. It's a clutch purse with 2 card holders on the inside. The whole project only cost me $7 and I still have enough fabric to make another, I just need another zipper. Plus it'd be nice not to haul around a purse along with the diaper bag. I can just toss this in the diaper bag or stroller and be on my way. I am definitely going to try more of the Noodlehead blog tutorials!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Maternity Photo Shoot

Today John and I went to Agua Caliente and did a photo shoot! I had a lot of fun hanging out and capturing this last part of the pregnancy journey. Thanks to A for the site suggestion. I think it's one of the only places in town that has grass!

Thank you to my wonderful husband for enduring the awful heat and humidity to capture these memories. Thank you for your creativity and talent in taking and editing these images!

Here are a few images from the shoot, the rest can be seen at the link that follows.

Check the rest out here:

So, I am now in my 39th week and ready to get this show on the road. We are ready and anxious to meet our little dude. I had my weekly doctor's appointment on Wednesday and found that I am 1 cm dilated! I know that means next to nothing but hey, it's 1 cm I don't have to worry about, only 9 more to go! Tomorrow is my last day at work until November. I want to have a little time to rest up, complete some projects at home, get a little more organized and just have a little mini vacation. I think it will help me accomplish some things on my to-do lists and reduce the stress of feeling overwhelmed. I might even sneak in a sewing project of a cute little clutch, we'll see.

I think it is crazy that the baby is due in August and 10 years ago in August, John and I started dating. 10 years ago I never could have imagined that I'd be married to the man of my dreams and my best friend and starting our family. I feel so lucky and so HAPPY!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Baby Shower #3!

Wow wow wow. This baby shower came to me as a major surprise. My lovely and sweet co-workers and friends invited me to a lunch with the ladies today. I thought we were getting together to chat about lady/baby related topics. I order my food and then head to another room where everyone was sitting. I walk up to a beautifully decorated table complete with table cloth, festive baby knick knacks and an amazing cake! I am beyond shocked at this point and can't believe that I work with such kind and caring people and I do my best to hold back the tears. They even arranged to have A there who has already spoiled the heck out of me! I'm glad I wore my new fancy shirt! When I told John about it all, he was speechless.

This cake was so delicious. I took the leftovers home and froze it so it won't go to waste. Like I need anymore cheeks are getting so chubby!
I like this picture because it really captures my feeling about the entire event. I was so surprised!
Look at all this stuff for E! All that's missing is the baby! I am still so speechless.
I am keeping these cards forever. Everyone wrote such lovely things, I had a really hard time controlling the waterworks as I read them.
It was such a memorable day. I don't know how I will ever thank everyone enough. I had a lot of fun hearing everyone's experiences and advice. It definitely helps to hear the stories of those that have been through this. To have that support and knowledge that these lovely ladies care about me and this exciting new adventure is such an amazing feeling. I am lucky to be able to share this with them. Thank You!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Terrific Tees and Tanks!

I know this is a baby blog but I have to share non- baby news. I had a total confidence booster today. I followed tutorials to spruce up a plain tee and and plain tank and I LOVE them! Recently I have started reading a lot of blogs and some are really crafty. I found this post on the How About Orange blog that links you to a bunch of tutorials for adding ruffles to shirts. I decided to give 2 of them a try. I was so pleased that I was able to pull these off. I feel like I got some style for cheap! I bought 2 tees on sale at Target for $6 each, cut one tee up to add the ruffles on the tank (which I already had, I was actually wearing that in the last belly pic) and to add the "corsage" to the other tee.

Now, these are not maternity tops but I can't wait to wear them so I'll have to layer them with something to cover the ol' belly until the bun is done.

Baby is doing good, I really feel like walking more but it's so hot. He gets the hiccups a lot. Today I started my 38th I can't believe we are fast approaching the finish line. My last day of work is July 26th even if baby boy hasn't arrived yet. It would be nice to have time to tackle some last minute organization projects and maybe some more crafty projects, too!

My work had a baby shower for me on Thursday. We all got together for tasty treats and presents. They are so kind and generous and they are all rooting for the baby to come soon since I am getting SOO big!

Well, my energy is fading fast....I hope I can get to sleep tonight.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mish Mash and a Pity Party

This is a mish mash post since I have a few different topics going on here.

We finished our homemade mobile project! We hung it over the changing table to give the little guy some entertainment during diaper changes. We made the entire mobile for under $10, I'm impressed, not to toot my own horn or anything.....

Doing these crafty things has helped bring back my creativity that has been hiding for many years. I have been reading a bunch of crafty blogs and now I am sooo inspired to do more projects! Sure it's easy to go out and buy things, but to make something with your own hands that reflects your style exactly as you want it to, is priceless. It's easy to get carried away though....I remember starting new projects and never finishing them...I vow to only have a maximum of 3 projects going at any time and complete them before moving on to something else. Sometime soon I will try my hand at fabric stretching for wall hangings!

Here are my 37 week belly pics. Oh my, I look huge! I feel huge! It has been so hot and muggy and I am to that uncomfortable point in my pregnancy.

Had a doctor's appointment today. I am up to 150 lbs! No dilation :( Baby is doing great but my bp is up a little. I feel like it is. I have that anxious, overwhelmed, stressed out and can't breathe sort of feeling. I feel like I can't get things in balance. The following is a list of needs and wants in my life for which I cannot find enough time in a day or even a week to accomplish them all. I can't for the life of me figure how some people can juggle all of these things.

  1. Spend time with my husband
  2. Eat right
  3. Drink enough water
  4. Get enough rest
  5. Exercise
  6. Work a full time job
  7. Chores
  8. Cook dinner
  9. Explore/enjoy a hobby
  10. Continue preparing for baby boy (supplies, nursery prep and reading)
  11. Walk the dogs
  12. Breathe
I just don't understand how people find the time to do all of these things in a day. I realize most everything will be sacrificed when E arrives. I guess I just need to mellow out and accept that I can only do so much. Just looking at this list stresses me out.

Okay, so I am also turning into a grouch! Yesterday it became clear to me that I am in a grouchy mood and I was walking around scowling. I was a rude driver, mean to my poor husband, banging around in the kitchen and just all around awful. I really felt like kicking a door in or something of a violent nature. I kept dropping things, hitting my elbow, stubbing my must have been karma for how awful I was being. I tried my hardest to break out of it today...I think I only partially did. I think I am just to the point in this pregnancy that I am just ready. I can't get comfortable at night so I barely get any sleep, E's movements hurt now that he is running out of room, Braxton Hicks contractions are getting stronger and more frequent which is NOT fun, my maternity clothes are very tight now (!), it's so stinkin' hot and I want to meet our baby!

Okay enough pity partying for me. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Diapers, a Project and Anxiety

Last weekend I started this project for little dude's room. These little penguin guys will eventually become a mobile that will hang over the changing table. I was inspired by a penguin mobile on Etsy, pictured above. My guys are below.

I know my stitching is awful but I wanted to make something for my little guy rather than to buy it. I hope he likes it! They are fun to make now that I am over my perfectionism temper tantrum. I was really upset that I couldn't get everything uniform or straight but I have accepted that this is inherent with handmade items from inexperienced people. I have been lazy this week and didn't make any penguins. I hope to finish this project this weekend, I figure I won't be able to procrastinate much longer....

Below is a pic of a part of baby's room. John hung the curtains and valances like a pro. I still need to hem the bottom of the curtains so they don't drag on the ground....and my list of things to do continues to grow...

Important update!!! John and I have decided to do cloth diapers! I was VERY inspired by other blogs as well as coworkers. I did like 16 hours of research on this decision and I am very happy. I am excited to jump into something that helps preserve the environment AND saves money AND is better for baby boy! Below shows the beginnings of my stash. We are starting out with 30 Indian cotton prefolds, 2 snappis, diaper liners, and 4 diaper covers along with our Rockin Green diaper wash. It's crazy how the dipes fluff up to like 2 or 3 times their original size after a couple of prep washes!

I thought I would really have to sell the idea to John so I made charts, spreadsheets etc to prove my case. But to my surprise he was on board immediately. I am also excited because there are so many cute diaper cover designs out there. Also, after making the 2 on the left and seeing how cheap and easy it is, I am hooked!

After all that research, I decided to go with Cotton Babies for the initial purchase. I also discovered a Tucson based company called Ten Tiny Piggies which offers free shipping for Tucson customers. I read all kinds of articles and blogs about cloth diapering and there is a lot of good information and guidance out there. It's not as hard as people might think!

"That's going to be a lot of work," you say? I have heard this opinion often. I am willing to do more work in order to benefit our checkbook and baby's well being. What's another load of laundry? I have already accepted that there will be more laundry no matter what diaper method we go with.

Below is just a random pic from today. I was organizing the changing table and saw Myron running away. He was running because John was giving Molly a bath and he thought he was next! It's really out of focus but his face is sooo worried I had to put it up. Little does he know his bath is tomorrow.

General pregnancy update: I am coming up on 37 weeks. I have been having contractions that are noticeable for over a week now. I actually went to the hospital last week because I felt like little dude was trying to escape with an ice pick. Got checked out and everything's fine. The contractions have been a little stronger each day and are happening more often each day. I still work so it's a little embarrassing to grimace while talking to a coworker or boss when a mean contractions sneaks up on me. I am trying my hardest to preserve my vacation days in order to extend the time I can spend with my guy. It's getting so hard though! I had a melt down a few nights back because of all my to do lists and the feeling of wanting everything to be perfect and the anxiety about the impending birthing process....I won't lie, I am scared out of my mind about it but I just keep thinking women do this every day and I have to trust my body. Plus, I can't wait to see my rowdy baby boy. He has been out of control with his karate or dance moves or whatever he does in there. He moves around so much I feel like it shakes my whole body! I have also been VERY tired as I can't get comfortable enough to fall into a deep sleep. Oh well, it's all part of this incredible journey and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sewing Projects Continued

This weekend I took Friday off and relaxed and did some more projects! It was nice not to have an agenda. I made a couple of things and surprised myself that they actually turned out!

I made 2 cloth diaper covers. In the first picture you can see the bottom cover has the pattern turned upside down....that was my first try and I did a better a job on the second cover. They are cute but it's good to know they'll be covered by clothing!

I made another boppy cover. The striped fabric is the bottom of the cover and I ended up adjusting the design a little because my original cover was hard to put on the pillow. This design was MUCH easier to get on the pillow. I just moved the opening to one of the legs when originally it was in the middle of the U.

I made a nursing cover, too. I was really disappointed to find that something so simple ran around $30 to $40. I liked that I could just make my own that would fit me and be unique in fabric pattern. I was SO proud that I did this because I had no pattern and guess how much it cost me to make it......$1.75. The fabric was on sale and I didn't need that much and I had fun making it. This was the first time that I made my own button hole and it worked out! Now, if you were to look closely you could see how awful my stitching is BUT it is still functional so I'm not crying about it.

I have 2 other projects that I am working on today and hopefully I'll have something to show for it by next weekend. This hobby that I have come back to after so many years has proven to be fun, satisfying and a great way to beat the heat. It has also helped me forget that we have put cable on hiatus!

More to come soon: more project results, nursery pics and 36 week belly pics!

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