Thursday, December 30, 2010

Evan is 5 Months!

Another month has snuck by so quickly. My baby boy is growing too fast!

Dear Evando (Dad made up this silly name! Sounds like E-Von-Doe),

Wow bud, you are 5 months old. You are getting so strong and coordinated it blows my mind. Here are a few things you have been up to this month:

- Rolling over. Alot. This makes diaper changes a little more challenging. You go from back to tummy and tummy to back. I change you on the floor now so that you can be entertained by toys while I handle your britches and if I turn my back for a minute you have rolled off the blanket and are turned around. You are not afraid to let me know you are upset when I won't let you roll because I have put your diaper on!

- Using a new cry. It's not a cry really but more like a shouting protest. So now you have this cry, a really really upset cry, a hungry cry and a tired cry.

- Immunizations....oh my word. You did an amazing job getting the actually shots. You were so brave and strong. But. Then when we got home and for DAYS after, you were not yourself. The fussiness was out of this world. It scared me. You also didn't move your legs for the whole next day and it scared Dad so he kept tickling your toes to make sure you could move them. It hurt you to have your diaper changed or to be held because your legs were so sore. I felt awful for you. It broke my heart.

- Sitting up supported. You can sit when I am near to make sure you don't plop over and it's fun to watch you reach for toys. I put you in the middle of the bed with pillows all around you and you are sooo cute sitting there like a big boy.

- Jumping in the doorway jumper. You LOVE dancing in your jumper. You hang out while I get ready or fold laundry and we sing and dance together. The dogs will try to pass through the doorway and you have bounced into them or blocked their way a time two.

- Hair pulling....Oh my. One day we were in a nursing session and you reached up and played with my hair and I thought, "how sweet." Then, you had a hand full of my and pulled it hard. Your strength was unexpected!

You have been up to so much this month. Your smile and laughter make my heart soar.

You experienced another big first this month: Christmas! You got so many cool toys from Grandpa J and Mom and Dad and some $$ from Grandpa M (that we'll use to get a highchair!). You actually helped open your gifts! You love your soft blocks and laugh and learn puppy. You made this holiday so much more enjoyable than it has ever been. EVER. Your awesome sitter made you your first ornament and got you a Santa hat. Cute! After opening gifts we went to Grandpa M's house for Christmas dinner, took pictures and came home to watch Toy Story 3 and visited with your Grandma A.

Your Daddy and I had a week off from work and got to hang out with you. Even though there were a few rocky moments (I blame the shots) I still had a great time. It's awesome to see your face all day long.

Now, check out some pics from December:

(Did not want to sit still)

(Really mad at me)

(Cute sleeping baby)

(Sharing toys with Mollie)

(Helping Dad open presents)

(Love the eyebrow raise)

(Dancing in the jumper)

Well, on to month 6! I'm so lucky to be your mama. Thanks for being such a cool kid.



P.S Sorry my photos are awful. It's hard to photograph and moving baby! Plus...I'm not the best camera operator anyway...

Friday, December 24, 2010


1. I want to rename this blog. Yes, I will definitely be doing lots of talking about baby boy but I also want this to be a place I can come to discuss lots of things like cooking/baking, daily happenings that might be unrelated to baby, projects and just life in general. I am SURE Mr. Cutie will still be the main focus though. I need this to be almost a journal of sorts.

2. In 2 years from right now, I want to be a full time mama. 2 years is WAY to long but I think it's the right amount of time to be able to plan and save and get things in order. I refuse to miss any more of my child's life. I have been thinking about this constantly. It is consuming me. Like I have said before, I do not want to look back and regret this time. My kid will only be little once and I will sacrifice what ever I need to in order to have this experience. I want to be a part of his memory as a young child. Yes, obviously I need to provide food and shelter for my dude and I will through careful planning. I asked my employer for a part time option. Anything. To leave and hour earlier. To have every other Friday off. Something that would allow me more time with baby. The answer was no. I enjoy my job but I won't choose it over my kid, my family. The ideal situation is to work part time maybe 30 hours a week but now that that is not an option....I might as well jump all in to my roll as a mama. Maybe it's selfish. Maybe it's a drastic move. But it's the only thing EVER that I have been sure about (besides marrying my husband!) I am a goal oriented person. I work better and more efficiently when I have a clear purpose. Hopefully setting this time frame will make being at work right now a little easier and motivate me to SAVE EVERY PENNY.

3. Get organized. I want to turn this house upside down and dump out all the crap. I am on a mission. My memory has gone out the window and the notes I write on stickies disappear and I can't find ANYTHING. It's time to dump the crap and get organized. To begin, I have started making a home management binder. I read about this concept on Life as Mom and my Dad told me about it months ago and I think it's so simple and brilliant.

So, here's to finding a new name for the blog, working towards my goal to be a full time mama and to getting organized. Wish me luck.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Evan is 4 Months!

Once again I am really late with this post. E is now 4 1/2 months old! Life is just a constant stream of "to-do's". Here we go...

Dear E,

I didn't think it was possible, but each day you are even cuter than the last! I love your cheeks and all the rolls that you have developed. It's awesome. Month 4 was way cool. You actually had a belly laugh! It was so adorable. The best sound ever. You were congested this month and I had to clean your little nose with the big green monster of a bulb sucker and you thought it was hilarious! You also busted up laughing when I sat you on my belly and did crunches. You smile so much it makes my heart fly. You give these big open mouth grins that show off your gums, it's awesome!

You are growing so fast. You have grown out of a lot of your clothes. You wear 6-9 month clothes now. It's definitely closer to the 9 month because some of the 6 month onsies can't even button anymore. Mama went crazy in BRU and bought a bunch of clothes for winter but it's still 85 degrees....Oh well, we need another trip to BRU! You definitely had a big growth spurt this month. For a couple of days you were really cranky and fighting sleep one day then sleeping a lot the next day. At the sitter's, you went from drinking 3 bottles of 4 ounces each to 2-3 bottles of nearly 7 ounces each!! Along with that you love to eat your hands.

The sitter told me love to watch Sesame Street. When I stayed home to hang out with you one day, we watched Sesame Street and The Cat in the Hat and you LOVED it. You just stared, mesmerized by all the colors and funny characters.

We got a doorway jumper and it's fun to watch you figure out how to bounce around. You like to hang out in it while Mama folds clothes or gets ready in the morning. You also love to hang out with Dad and watch football. You actually watch tv, it's amazing.

You are getting really strong. You have to be in a good mood to do tummy time but when you do it you do pushups like crazy and you hold your head up high so you can see everything.

Check out these 4 month pics. You are so wiggly now that it's hard to snap a focused one!

Your hands are going wild here.

Staring right at me! Cute! Your hair is getting so light.

Trying to sit up, working out those abs.

Yahoo UofA! You can't fit in that onesie anymore...

Getting ready to take a bath and Dad snapped a photo.

I love hanging out with my favorite baby boy. The best part of every day is getting to be with you. I love when we dance, sing, read, play and snuggle. Month 4 was so much fun. I can see you soaking up everything you observe. I am so lucky to be your Mama.



Sunday, December 5, 2010


Oh dear. I feel sooo out of balance. I feel like I am approaching my breaking point...working and being and mama and wife is wiping me out. I am so stressed and tired that it's affecting my milk supply and I am NOT happy. My poor guy has to be supplemented and I really do not want that. I only get 5ish hours of sleep at night because I have stay up late with chores and preparations for the next day then I have to wake up before everyone ( 4:30) so I can get ready for work and still have time to feed Evan before zooming off to work. I knew this would be hard and I know I am just writing this post to complain. I just didn't know how angry and sad I would feel that I can't direct my full attention to running a household. I NEVER thought this would be me. I always thought I would be very career minded but it has fallen to the least of my priorities and....I'm fine with that.

I wish that I could have a healthy dinner ready for my dear husband when he gets home from work but instead we eat out of boxes. I wish I could clip coupons and shop the sales to save our family money but instead I run through the store throwing what we need into the cart without price comparing because I just want to use the extra time to be with the baby I hardly get to see...I want to bake my family holiday treats and decorate the house and make the house cozy. I I want to exercise so I can have a good energy level to keep up with my baby when he becomes mobile. I want....I want.....

I suppose everybody wishes something was different about their life. I believe that life is what you make it. You choose to allow certain things to be in your life or not, you choose the things you do or don't do. I need to step up and take control of my life and make it what I want it to be. I do not want to look back regret how I spent my time.

Thanks for listening blog.

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