Saturday, June 2, 2012

Collin-3 Months Old

My Dearest Collin,

You are such an amazing baby. Your personality is just like Dad's. You are calm, adaptive, observant, patient and, of course, adorable. Our time together during my maternity leave from work has been perfect. I have enjoyed our time together. We do everything together and you are a great little side kick. We go to the mall, grocery shopping and on walks and you never express anything but joy and happiness.
This month you really got strong. You can hold your head up super steady and you get way up on your hands or elbows when you are on your belly. You really love being in your baby gym either on your belly working out those arms or on your back kicking your legs and waving your arms like crazy. It's so much fun to watch you.
You are smiling a lot and respond to us when we talk to you. Your smiles are these big open mouthed smiles that can bad days disappear. We have conversations where I ask you a question and you coo back and it's the sweetest sound ever. 

You are totally getting big. I mean super tall. I'm guessing you are about 14 pounds now. You recently had a growth spurt where you grew out of size one diapers and 3 month clothing. I had to dig out the 6 month clothes because you were stretching the 3 month ones to their limits! It's neat to see you change and grow. Another big development: you are deliberately reaching for and grasping toys. It's fun to watch how focused you get when you want to grab something. You are totally into your hands now. Eating them, waving them, grabbing my hair and necklace etc. 
You are such a cool kid. You are so much fun and soooo adorable!

Love you lots,


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