Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So, last week I realized that I can feel the baby moving! I noticed that after most every meal I could feel little taps. Over the weekend I rested my hand on my belly for a while and noticed that I could feel them on my fingers, too! It's amazing. I picture the baby swimming around in there. Today there was a lot of movement in the morning, so much, that it made me stop and laugh out loud! This week I am 18 weeks and officially in my 5th month (wow!). My midsection is growing rapidly and my pants are on their last leg. I really have to try hard to reach my shoes to tie them and noticed it's harder to climb stairs. Cravings: salty and sour things! I got some pucker pals (a generic version of sour patch kids) and they are great. I am trying to hunt down some sour skittles now. Next week is the next doc visit and John and I can't wait!

A friend made me this baby sling that you can wrap around yourself in many different ways and it's wonderful! I think it will be a daily staple in my wardrobe. I think we'll register in a week and a half, how exciting. Goals: trying to get in some leisure reading done before baby arrives because I am thinking I won't have time or energy for it...organize closets, drawers and paperwork...at least get a walk in daily...

Check back next week for a post about the doc appointment!

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