Friday, November 19, 2010

Evan is 3 Months!

Ok so I am really late with this post....but I don't want to skip it even though he will be 4 months shortly.


You are 3 months and I can hardly believe how fast the time has gone by. You were 3 months on your first holiday, Halloween. We dressed you up like a little cow and you were adorable!

We took you around to all the neighbors and they oood and ahhd over you. No candy for you this year though. This month you really liked to play in your jumparoo and splash in the tub. You smile at everyone and it melts my heart every time.

Your great Grandpa and your great Aunt Tammy from STL came to visit you for the first time. We went to the zoo and mama wasn't thinking and didn't bring a camera.... you really enjoyed hanging out in the moby wrap and watching all the animals and trees. We also went to a nature reserve where you did a bit of hiking. You really like to be outside and moving.

You have been drooling A LOT lately and I saw you discover your hands which are now your favorite toy. You love to chew on your hands and I have to keep a bib on you so you don't soak your clothes in drool. When you found out you had hands you brought them together in front of you and just stared at them for a while then began to eat them. You are growing out of your clothes faster than I can buy them! You officially wear 6-9 month clothes! Your hair is getting lighter and your eyes are changing from blue to brown. Check out your 3 month pics, you are wearing your fancy new clothes from great Aunt Tammy.

I have had so much with you. You are awake more during the day so we can play and go on outings where you get to see more and experience more. Sleeping through the night has really been nice for everyone and sometimes when Dad goes in to get you in the morning, you are just smiling and cooing away. Month 3 has been so exciting with all your growth and development. Your smiles and laughs are the best things in life. I love when we play before your bath each night. We read books, lay on your tummies, look at our reflections in the mirror and sing songs and dance. It's certainly my MOST favorite part of each day.



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