Tuesday, September 27, 2011


My boy is nearly 14 months. Tonight is the 3rd night without the bedtime bottle. I'm pleased to report that it's gone pretty well. He didn't cry for it or whine at all. He does seem to stay awake in his crib a bit longer before dozing off. Right now he's playing with his musical elephant, I can hear it through the baby monitor.
I've had to come to grips with something that took me far too long to accept. My child is not a snuggler. He WAS a snuggler from 0 to say 6 months. Since then he's squirmed and wriggled when I've tried to rock him before bed. In the end I just lay him in bed and he falls asleep within 15 minutes without a fight. I'm glad that he's independent and can soothe himself in many cases BUT....that leaves this mama just a bit sad that he doesn't want to snuggle. I'll survive.
Each night I would try to rock him, even for a couple of minutes, but he wasn't interested. Although some pretty heart-warming moments happened during those attempts. Sometimes he'll cover my face in kisses and I can see his grin in the dark. Sometimes he'll play with my hair or necklace or even nuzzle my cheek with his head. I soak up those moments. Then I have to put him in his crib because he gets too rambunctious.
This is just another way he is showing me his personality and his individuality. My little guy is growing up so fast.

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