Friday, March 30, 2012

Collin- 1 Month Old

My sweet little newborn is growing fast. I remember this feeling. It's quick and you try to hang on to each moment as tight as you can. This boy is so cuddly and so adorable, he makes my heart flutter. This time around I am going to do a monthly picture of baby boy on a different pattern to make it fun. It's not perfect (his socks don't match, woops) but it's fun!

My Dear Collin,

Our first month together has been nothing short of wonderful. I can't help but smile when I look at your sweet face. Dad says I must kiss you 100 times a day. He's wrong. I don't. It's more like 1000 times a day.

Your first 2 weeks all you did was sleep and sleep. I wanted you to wake up so we could play! You let me rest and get my strength back after delivery. You let me sleep at night. It was amazing. In your 3rd week you started to be awake a bit more, maybe a few hours a day but still sleeping great at night. In the 4th week you wanted to play at night.....

You are a calm little man. You love to be cuddled and carried in the moby or front carrier and you don't mind trips to the store and car rides. You like to be on your tummy my than your back and you love to be perched on my shoulder so you can look out at the sights. 

At your one month doctor's appointment you clocked in at almost 10 pounds! It's because you are a pro at breastfeeding. You've had it down pat since we came home from the hospital. The doc says you are super strong. You can lift and turn your head already!

Since about the 2nd week, I got the idea to do the side lying feeding position because I was tired. It worked out really well but now you sleep next to me each night. It wasn't my intention to co-sleep but that's where we are now. This means you don't like your bassinet anymore. It's sweet to wake up and see your little face next to me but it also means I don't sleep deeply because I'm paranoid about your breathing or positioning etc. I'll be moving you to your crib in the next few weeks...

Everyone says you look just like Dad. I see it in your eyes and nose. Your personality is also similar to Dad's. You are calm and adaptable. It's kind of amazing how well you sleep through Evan's ruckus and you can even sleep through a diaper change!

I love watching you grow and develop each day. You are awesome and I can't believe you're mine!



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