Sunday, April 11, 2010

There is a first time for everything plus nursery progress!

Wow, okay, today John and I were in the grocery store. As we were in an aisle trying to locate the chile oil, a woman pops out of nowhere, bends down and puts her face not but an inch away from belly and starts talking loudly to it! She was like, "Hello in there, your mom and this fellow are smiling, she looks great!" Then proceeds to tell me that babies probably get board of hearing the same voices and noises. Then she bends down again and continues to talk to my belly and John and I look at each other in shock and disbelief. All I could do was laugh and say thank you, what do you do when a stranger comes up on you like? I have never experienced something like that and I felt like it was something that happens in movies. It was so funny and wierd! Then later, in the same grocery store trip, John saw 2 ladies staring at me....I must look funny or something.....

This passed week I had 2 people ask me if I was expecting....I was tempted to say no and blame the belly on overeating sweets or something. I told my neighbor about these experiences and she was saying there will be much more of it. People will try and tell you how to raise your kids or advise you on "the proper" way to care for a baby. I already have people touching my belly without an invitation, I don't know how much more I can take!

Okay, so John despises painting but he had the motivation this weekend to paint the baby's room! It looks better than I even imagined!
Green is my favorite color. I think it can be calming but fun and I am so excited that the baby gets to have such a cool room.

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  1. The room looks great! I love it!

    LOL at the lady talking to your belly. Strange stuff!


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