Thursday, June 10, 2010

Woops, it's been awhile

Every night I have said to myself , "I am going to update the blog in a minute." That minute never came. I've already begun to feel unprepared and overwhelmed with the amount of tasks I need to complete before baby arrives!
First, belly pics at 32.5 weeks:

I am really starting to feel big now. Every morning I swear my belly has grown an inch! I get out of breath easily now and have to take my time getting up or turning over. I knew I was getting big but when I saw this pic I was like, "That's what I look like?" I still have 8ish weeks left, I don't know how much further my body can stretch!

I went to Twice As Nice after work today and traded some clothes that I KNOW I will never be able to fit in again. I picked up a few things for Baby and didn't pay a dime! I love that. See all the cute onsies? I could have brought home an arm load but I controlled myself.

We have been putting all the baby stuff together. I never realized EVERYTHING requires assembly. The glider, the baby swing, and every piece of furniture had to be assembled! But, it was fun to sit there and see everything come together. I'll have to get some pics up!

My mom threw me a baby shower! On June 5th, my mom got some friends together and we had a lunch at El Charro. It was so nice to be able to ask questions and hear their stories. My friends were so generous and kind! I had a great time.

Lots of fun stuff going on. That cake, by the way, was a chocolate cake with raspberry filling and it was sooo delicious!

More to come.

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