Friday, December 24, 2010


1. I want to rename this blog. Yes, I will definitely be doing lots of talking about baby boy but I also want this to be a place I can come to discuss lots of things like cooking/baking, daily happenings that might be unrelated to baby, projects and just life in general. I am SURE Mr. Cutie will still be the main focus though. I need this to be almost a journal of sorts.

2. In 2 years from right now, I want to be a full time mama. 2 years is WAY to long but I think it's the right amount of time to be able to plan and save and get things in order. I refuse to miss any more of my child's life. I have been thinking about this constantly. It is consuming me. Like I have said before, I do not want to look back and regret this time. My kid will only be little once and I will sacrifice what ever I need to in order to have this experience. I want to be a part of his memory as a young child. Yes, obviously I need to provide food and shelter for my dude and I will through careful planning. I asked my employer for a part time option. Anything. To leave and hour earlier. To have every other Friday off. Something that would allow me more time with baby. The answer was no. I enjoy my job but I won't choose it over my kid, my family. The ideal situation is to work part time maybe 30 hours a week but now that that is not an option....I might as well jump all in to my roll as a mama. Maybe it's selfish. Maybe it's a drastic move. But it's the only thing EVER that I have been sure about (besides marrying my husband!) I am a goal oriented person. I work better and more efficiently when I have a clear purpose. Hopefully setting this time frame will make being at work right now a little easier and motivate me to SAVE EVERY PENNY.

3. Get organized. I want to turn this house upside down and dump out all the crap. I am on a mission. My memory has gone out the window and the notes I write on stickies disappear and I can't find ANYTHING. It's time to dump the crap and get organized. To begin, I have started making a home management binder. I read about this concept on Life as Mom and my Dad told me about it months ago and I think it's so simple and brilliant.

So, here's to finding a new name for the blog, working towards my goal to be a full time mama and to getting organized. Wish me luck.

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