Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cuteness, Sweetness and Surprises

- I was putting my baby boy to bed last night. He was drowsy as I laid him in his crib and as soon as his head touches the mattress he pops his eyes open. I cover him and quietly leave the room. He immediately starts to scream and wail. I let him carry on for a couple minutes to see if he would settle down on his own. He didn't. I peek into his room to find him STANDING in his crib, so all I see is his head and hands near his chin grasping the crib and his mouth is wide open, yelling. This is the first time I have seen Evan stand in his crib.

- He reaches for me. He crawls to me and reaches up for me to pick him up. He reaches for me in the crib in the morning. He reaches for me when someone else is holding him. He reaches for me in his jumparoo. My heart melts. 

- When I pick him up from the sitter's and he sees me, he smiles and turbo crawls to me and reaches up for me. Best thing ever.

- He gives kisses! Sloppy, open mouth kisses when you least expect it. No, this is the best thing ever. 

- The other night when he wouldn't go to sleep, I rocked him in the glider for a bit and he just sat there with me, sweetly and calmly playing with my necklace, my hair, touching my face and smiling at me. My eyes got teary with how sweet the moment was. We just rocked for a bit and then I laid him back in his crib and he drifted to sleep. It was almost like he just wanted a little more time together before he went to sleep. He must have been reading my mind.

- Okay here it goes....I never thought this would happen to me. I laughed at others who told me their stories. Oh the horror! Tonight was a lovely evening with just my sweet son and I. We played and soon it was time for a bath. I undress him and set him down so he could crawl around while I prepared his pj's and change his changing pad cover. I turn away and go about my business which only took a couple minutes. I turn back is that on the ground? Your hands are covered in it.....what is that? My sweet son pooped! It was all over him and then on me once I scooped him up and began vigorously cleaning him up. It was on his rug and some books. Oh I can't believe this happened! I didn't gag or anything. I think I deserve some sort of mom merit badge for this. 

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