Sunday, April 17, 2011

Evan is 8 Months!

Okay, this is just awful, I am sooo late with this post. My boy will be 9 months in 2 weeks! I don't want to miss a month so here it goes:

Dear Evan,

My oh my have you been busy this month. You are moving around so fast now. You really perfected your crawling and if I turn away for a moment you have zoomed across the room! For a few weeks this month you really didn't like it if I went too far or left the room and you couldn't see me. Then you started enjoying your toys and playing with your blocks. You also tackle your bulldog stuffed animal, it's so funny!

Some days you seem like a bottomless pit, eating everything and getting very upset if we are eating something and not sharing with you. You have enjoyed eating beans, broccoli, rice, pancakes, bananas and much more. Your pincer grip is really good. You are able to pick up those beans with precision. I have really enjoyed our routine of sharing a snack when we get home at then end of the day. We have shared bananas, pears, quesadillas, cubes of cheese and animal crackers.

Since you have been moving around like a wild man, I think you have slimmed down a bit. You also look taller! We don't go to your next well baby checkup until May so I am not sure how much you weigh but you feel heavy but look a little more slender. Your hair is also growing longer, it's hanging over your ears! Your eyes have also changed to more of a brown than blue.

This month has been so fun watching you learn new things and explore your world. You still enjoy being outside and since it as warmed up we go on walks often during the week. We also started your swimming lessons! You are very calm in the water but sometimes stiff, I imagine after a bit you will relax a little more. You love to watch the other babies in class though!

Your 8 month pictures were hard to capture because you are so wiggly and don't want to sit still.

Mommy loves you baby boy!

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