Saturday, June 4, 2011

a day in my shoes

I thought it would be fun to share how a typical weekday goes down for us:

5:00 Wake up and get ready for work (I may or may not be a 3x snooze button hitter)

5:45 Get Evan's bag ready for the sitter's, eat a quick breakfast

6:00 Make Evan's bottle, gather my lunch

6:05 Get Evan up if he isn't already (he wakes up anywhere between 5:45 and 6:15), change diaper and clothes, feed him his bottle

6:20 If time allows and if he's interested, let E munch on some cheerios, bananas or other breakfast food

6:30 Load up the car and get on the road

7:00 Drop E off and start missing him :(

7:12 Arrive at work and start my day of staring at E's picture on my desk and wishing I were with him

11:00 I might run an errand during lunch or read a blog

3:36 Leave work and pick up my boy!

4:00 Run an errand

5:00 Arrive home, handle dogs, unload car, feed E a snack and play, throw in a load of laundry

5:20  If time allows, take Evan out for a walk around the neighborhood

5:45 Attempt to start dinner or just warm up baby boy's food (he's usually pretty fussy at this time so it makes making dinner a difficult task at times)

6:00 Play!

6:45 Bath, book, bottle

7:45 Bed time for baby

7:30 to 10:30 Depending on the day, goals for the week, and predetermined schedule, I use this time to get stuff done. It could include cleaning up, laundry, making Evan's food, exercising, date night, bill paying, blogging, reading or going to bed early

10:30 Shower, get clothes ready for the next day

11:00 Bed time

Phew! Each weekday is non-stop and action packed. By the end I crash into bed and immediately fall asleep. Since I'm an accountant, I like to see the numbers. Seeing how much of my day is spent doing certain things helps bring it into perspective. I threw together this little pie chart to show, generally, how I spend my day. Ideally I'd like the "Baby" piece of the pie to much larger than it is....I'm working on it.

As Evan gets older, our routines change and adjust depending on what stage we're in. Just when we get settled into a routine, E throws us a curve ball to keep us on our toes. We use our weekends and holidays to catch up around the house and soak up all the time we can with Evan. We make it work.

Is your schedule jam packed, too? Which piece of your pie would you want to be larger?

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