Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Collin-4 Months Old

My Dearest Collin,

You are such a good baby. This month you really began exploring the world around you. It has been so much fun watching you play and move. You love to play with your crunchy book and are grabbing, like crazy, at the hanging toys on your carseat and bouncy chair. You roll around a bunch and most enjoy being on your belly and pushing up. I noticed you like tv a lot....we also tried out the jumper this month and it's a success! You are really getting the hang of jumping.
At your 4 month doctor appointment you weighed in at just under 15 pounds. You are in the 76th percentile for height! The doctor was impressed at how strong you are and that you already roll from back to front and front to back. We are still going strong in the nursing department. You are growing like crazy and the time is flying by. Soon enough you'll be running around the house with Evan.
Something really exciting happened! You laughed. Like a real bubbly, adorable laugh. Grandma, Dad, Evan and I can all make you laugh by pretending to sneeze or smiling at you. It warms my heart each time I hear it. I see the bond between you and Evan growing each day as you begin to interact. Evan brings his toys to you and plays right next to you. You stare at him with amazement and awe.
Thank you for being such a cool little one. I so enjoy our snuggles. Now, on to month 5!

Love always,


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