Monday, September 10, 2012

Collin-5 Months Old

Dear Collin,

My sweet little baby is changing and growing so quickly. I blink my eyes and you discover something new, it's amazing. I'm late writing your 5 month post because there have been some changes going on around the house. This month I left my job to stay home with you and Evan. We are trying to find our groove and our days have been full.
This month you have discovered your ability to protest. I mean really protest. You speak your mind and tell us like it is. You don't like when we leave the room. If I put you in your jumper and walk away to get a drink or do the dishes, you yell and holler to let me know this is no longer an acceptable arrangement. Putting a diaper on you is now the most difficult task EVER. You squirm and roll all over. We are quickly saying goodbye to the days where you mostly stay put. You are developing your skills in mobility more quickly than I like. Already you make your way over to Evan and wreck his cars. It's the beginning of brotherly love.
You are sleeping pretty nicely at night but it's hard to get you to settle down to go to sleep. You refuse to call it a night before 8:15. You are chewing on everything. You love to watch Evan and he makes you laugh. Bath time is really tough because you splash a ton of water out of the tub (we still do your bath in the sink) and we get soaked every time.
I think our days of quiet, immobile baby are gone. It will be exciting to watch you move through the next milestones but don't grow up too fast!

Mama Loves You

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