Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Collin-6 Months Old

I'm so embarrassed. I was really behind on Collin's monthly posts. He keeps me so busy and I'm exhausted at the end of the day so these posts get put on the back burner. But! Now I'm caught up. Here's to keeping up to date!

Dear Collin,

Oh my oh my. You have been keeping me very busy this month! You have learned all sorts of new skills and are no longer content to be in one spot. You are on the move mister. You learned to sit up all by yourself! But the biggest most craziest trick you learned this month was...... crawling! I am shocked and astonished that my little baby is already crawling. You want so badly to keep up with your big brother that you use every waking minute to practice your mobility skills. Boy, you are a quick learner. One week you were on your knees, rocking and trying to figure out the hand coordination and the next week you were full on crawling. This new skill has changed our house forever. I have to trap you in your play pen if I need to step away for a minute. You are not pleased with this arrangement. You still enjoy jumping in the jumper but not for long. You'd much rather be on the ground looking for your next adventure.

You are so fun to watch. You sit up, look around the room to see where all the exciting stuff is, assess your priorities and dart toward your destination. You love to get into Evan's stuff, of course. You are a busy baby, for sure. All the excitement from your new found freedom has made it even more difficult for you to settle down for naps and to sleep at night. I rock and nurse you and that seems to do the trick. You still wake up only once at night to eat, but I've stopped bringing you back to bed with me to nurse because you kick and squirm and sit up at 5 am and that's not nice.
Our days are packed with play, singing and dancing, chasing big brother around the house and venturing outside. You are really starting to like riding in the stroller. When you and Evan are riding in the double stroller, you reach over to him and pull his shirt or hair and you try to take his toys. It's hilarious!
You are talking a lot more which is neat to hear. You laugh and squeal and hum. I like to listen to you through the baby monitor just after you wake up because you talk to yourself for a bit. 
Oh my boy, these 6 months have been a dream. You are so awesome and I'm loving every minute of it.



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