Thursday, January 27, 2011

Part 1: Pregnancy-Helpful Items and Notes

This is part 1 of a series of 3 posts. I want to write this series to myself, just in case there is baby numero dos in the future. A few weeks ago I began compiling a list of baby items that worked for E from birth to 6 months. Then I started thinking it would be helpful to record notes and items that were helpful during pregnancy and birth as well. This way I can refer back to the list as needed so I don't make the mistakes I did the first time around (like wasted money on things that weren't helpful or didn't get used). Also, anybody browsing baby blogs might find this information helpful (I recently found out a cousin of mine is preggo and she might enjoy this). So, without further adieu...the pregnancy list:

  1. Old Navy has the best and most comfortable maternity clothes for a low price. There is a lot more selection online but some stores have a small maternity area. Read the reviews to determine sizing. It's also nice to buy regular clothes that can be worn after baby arrives (like empire waist dresses/tops, stretchy skirts and tops that are naturally loose in the midsection etc). The runners up places are Target and Motherhood.
  2. My favorite clothing pieces to wear were yoga pants, stretchy skirts (like jersey material), flowy dresses, empire waist tops and regular sized tanks. For the office I loved skirts, khakis and dresses. To sleep, I wore night gowns (non-maternity) because I didn't want to be bound up with any waist bands. Also, you will want undies that are unrestrictive like the stretchy Hanes opaque no-lines undies or the maternity undies. 
  3. I wore my regular clothes for as long as I could so I wouldn't have to buy maternity clothes in a small size only to have to buy an even bigger size as I approached the 3rd trimester. I used a rubber band to keep my pants fastened as my belly grew. I'm too cheap to shell out the $20ish for that piece of stretchy material that can hold your pants up. I'd rather spend money on baby.
  4. Flip flops and athletic shoes with good support. For the office, Born shoes for comfort. Sandals for the skirts and dresses and slip-ons for pants. 
  5. Exercise! Even for 10 minutes a day. Mamaste yoga is a free podcast on itunes and I LOVED it. I think this really helped me stay flexible for delivery. They also focus on pelvis muscles to help with recovery. Walking everyday is important for circulation and it increases the oxygen that baby gets since you'll be breathing like you climbed stairs. 
  6. Ward off charlie horses. I got leg cramps often but once I increased my water intake, stretched daily and ate a banana daily, the frequency was reduced. 
  7. Put your feet up. Reduces swelling and feels good on the lower back (this is especially important as you near weight gain of 20 pounds plus). 
  8. Let people help you. 
  9. Lug a water bottle with you wherever you go. Drink LOTS of water. Upwards of 120 ounces per day. Helps boost energy, reduce swelling and reduce pain from cramping due to the stretching of your uterine ligaments (called round ligament pain). 
  10. Take naps. Your body is growing a person and it will suck the energy out of you. Naps help! Plus get all the sleep you can now....
  11. Apply lotion nightly to your belly AND hips to help prevent stretch marks. I only applied lotion to my belly in round 1 and I don't have stretch marks on my belly BUT I have them on my hips.
  12. Take pictures. Even if you feel huge or ugly or whatever, you will want to see those pictures after baby is born. 
  13. For nausea I ate soups, saltine crackers and smoothies. It felt better to have food in my tummy.
  14. Get pedicures and even manicures. Pedi's help your sore aching feet and mani's just make you feel pretty. 
  15. Read. Read baby books, magazines and websites but also read those dramas and mysteries and trashy celeb magazines. Read Jenny McCarthy's Belly Laughs. It's real and hilarious. 
  16. For me, entering the 3rd trimester meant that I had to take my wedding ring off and either wear it on a necklace or store it in a safe place. My hands swelled up so bad that I had a hard time getting the ring off. 
  17. Listen to Pea in the Pod Podcast. It's a free podcast that offers information by week of pregnancy and beyond. I really enjoyed laying down and listening when I was just too tired to read.

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