Friday, February 18, 2011

Change 3 Things

I am in love with cloth diapers. I love how they reduce waste in our landfills, they are healthier for baby (no diaper rash only soft cotton against his bum) and they save us money. Bonus: They are super cute!

I really like Cotton Babies. They are the makers of my favorite diapering systems: Flip and Econobum. Right now Cotton Babies are trying to raise awareness of cloth diapering and encouraging cloth lovers to spread the word. I wanted to write this post to do my part. I talk a lot about it to people whenever the topic comes up. I wish more mommies knew how easy it really is. I get the surprised look whenever I tell people that we cloth diaper. I get the raised eyebrow and the questions about whether it's gross or not or comments about how much work it must be. Bottom line: You are going to touch poop or have to deal with it's wrath whether you are in a disposable or cloth. It's not anymore gross than disposables and it takes maybe 2 minutes of my time each wash day. You stick them in the washer to rinse, then wash, then rinse and dry. Piece of cake. 

The awareness campaign "Change 3 Things" is encouraging parents/caregivers to commit to a goal of changing 3 cloth diapers a day. The point is that it's not an all or nothing choice. If you cloth diaper part-time you are still going to see the benefits of saving some money, helping the earth and doing something good for baby. I think this is great thing to do. They even have some great diaper deals so you can try it without having to fully invest in a complete stash. It's definitely worth a try. Heck, my husband does it without a complaint. That says a lot! 

Check out their blog post on the revolution:

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