Monday, February 14, 2011

Evan is 6 Months!

Holy Moly! My baby boy is a half year old! This can't be. Where is my cuddly little newborn? He has turned into a curious worldly explorer.

Dear Sweet Baby Boy,

I CANNOT believe we have reached the half year mark. You are certainly a different boy than we brought home from the hospital 6 months ago. You are very busy and your top priorities no longer include constant cuddling. You would rather be jumping, rolling all over, practicing pushups or dancing.

This month was rough/exciting/amazing.

Feeding: January brought us SOLIDS. This is a huge milestone. We began the month with rice cereal which you weren't to thrilled about. We moved on to zucchini, avocado, carrots, butternut squash, banana, cucumber and sweet potatoes. You really enjoyed the sweet potatoes and the rest were fine but you could take it or leave it. Mommy worked so hard making those foods for you, cooking, pureeing and freezing. Yet, you would rather bypass all of those mushy foods for real food. One night we all sat down to a spaghetti dinner, I held you in my lap (because you aren't all that crazy for your highchair yet) and you grabbed a handful of spaghetti off my plate! You put the handful to your mouth and sucked on the noodles and sauce. You started dipping your fingers into the sauce and sucking them clean. It's clear that you LOVE spaghetti. After that I let you take food off my plate and try it (if it is gummable and you won't choke, of course). You have had beef stew, taco salad, rice and turkey sandwich. It is so funny how you stare at food whenever it's near. It's exciting to see you be so fearless and explorative. You have really shown your independence with food. You DO NOT want us to spoon feed you. You would rather handle the spoon yourself or abandon the spoon for your hands. We still nurse 3 times a day but you do something that surprises me: you bite me! Oh my goodness, it hurts and I can tell when you are going to do it because you pause, look up and puff your cheeks out then clamp down. I am nervous about you getting teeth!

Another milestone for month 6: sitting! Your balance has really improved this month and you can sit for a few minutes on your own. Of course, I sit behind you just in case you decide to throw yourself back or I put pillows behind you to cushion the landing.

Activities: You love your jumparoo now that you have touch the ground and bounce. You chew on anything you can get your hands on. Myron, one of our dogs, has become a source of amusement. You smile and stare at him whenever he's near. The other day you stared at him for the longest time while he chewed on his bone, unaware of his audience. You have also done a few manly pushups by lifting your body off the ground balancing on your hands and toes for a quick second. So strong! Since you love to roll so much, diaper changes have become a challenge.

Rough stuff: You have had a few really tough days this month. I believe they are related to teething and growing. Luckily those rough days are few and far between.

This has been such a fun month. I know I will miss these times. Something tells me you will be on the move soon. Check out the pics! Look at those cheeks, ADORABLE!

I love you, dude. I wonder what month 7 will bring.



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