Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Haps

  • Today was the last lesson in Evan's first swimming session. He will stay at the platypus level until he reaches 13 months. He can kick his legs, back float, has fun jumping into the pool, goes under water and loves to splash. I had a blast too, so I think we are going to sign up for another round this summer.
  • Time for the play pen. E has been a wild man and makes me so nervous because he seems to have gotten careless about paying attention to his balance. He'll pull up on something and then lean back and fall. I'm not so worried on the carpet but we have a lot of tile and I am always right there to make sure he doesn't get hurt. The play pen allows me to get some stuff done while he plays nearby. 
  • Teething. Those darn top front teeth are trying to tear their way through my baby's gums and he is not happy about it. 
  • We are starting an experiment. We are hiring a cleaning company to help us out.
  • I'm thinking about starting another blog. More info to come!
  • Evan's giving the stink eye. Ha!

Have a good weekend.

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