Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Baby Carrier: Baby Gear Gold

Let. Me. Tell. You.
The baby carrier is a gift from baby gear heaven. I used mine the 1st day home from the hospital. I used a homemade moby carrier for the first 6 months and I wouldn't have survived without it. For real.

I would carry Evan in it to help him get to sleep as a newborn. Just walking around the house made him drowsy. Once you get savvy enough with it, you can even breastfeed in a carrier, it's amazing! I love the benefits of baby wearing (the proper phrase for carrying baby). I'm sure you've read them:
  • keeps baby happy by being close to you
  • baby feels safe and secure
  • baby cries less
  • promotes healthy development (physically and mentally)
  • helps increasing baby/mama bond
(Just to name a few). Baby wearing also helps mamas out, too. It freed my hands to be able to eat or do a few easy chores or even check email or take stroll outside. Feeling the weight and warmth of my little guy in the moby really helped me stay in tune with what he needed and definitely strengthened the bond even more. I really enjoy baby wearing.
My  baby wearing journey began with the homemade moby, then I also used a soft but structured baby carrier and now I have the Beco baby carrier. I used the homemade moby until I needed more back support, around 18 pounds or 6 months. From 3 to 7 months I also used a soft but structured front pack. I used this when Evan had more head control, slept less and wanted to face forward during longer outings.
Currently I have the Beco baby carrier (I just learned about it otherwise I would have purchased it sooner!). It is an amazing piece of work. You can hold baby on the front facing in or out, on your hip or on your back! I promise this is not an informercial, I just love it!

I originally thought carrying Evan so much could spoil him but that is sooo not true. You can't spoil a baby. Also, think about all the cultures that carry babies because they have to continue their chores and responsibilities. The babies just hang out in a sling with mom.
Because E is heavier now, using the Beco takes the weight off my arms and spreads on my back and hips. I use it almost daily. After being away from each other all day at work and day care, it's a nice way to spend a half hour reconnecting. He'll just hang out and I'll dance, sing and talk about my day while bringing in groceries or opening the mail.
Another cool thing? Dads can do it, too! Seriously, only the cool Dad's do it.
Do you enjoy baby wearing? What are your favorite carriers?

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