Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How I Define Success

Success. Being successful.
It means something different to everyone. One person might say she is successful because of the job title she obtained or the salary she earns or how much she has in savings. Another might say he's successful because of the size or location of his home or the kind of car he drives. Another might say she's successful because of the type and quantity of clothes in her closet or the vacations she takes.
I may or may not have had similiar definitions of success. Now, as a mama, my idea of success has completely changed. My original idea was blown to smithereens.
I feel successful at the end of the day if any one of these occur:
  • my kid takes a good nap
  • my kid smiled and laughed today
  • I rememberd to bring Evan's favorite blanket to daycare
  • I have dinner ready by 6:30
  • I get to go to bed by 11:30
  • I get to read a page or two in a book
  • we get to take a walk
  • my head is still attached to my body
  • I have clean (albeit wrinkly) clothes to wear to work
  • I got to work on time
  • I have a moment to pet the dogs
  • we all still love each other
  • melt downs were kept to a minimum
  • there's enough gas in the car to get me to the gas station
  • I didn't dehydrate
  • I remember to pay the bills
  • Saving 50 cents with a coupon
Does this sound familiar?
As moms, we take these mini succcesses each day and let them keep us motivated and help us feel achieved even when our to-do lists are overflowing. They help us to keep smiling even if we're exhausted.
Having Evan taught me that time with family, your baby's smile, a hug....these things are so much more important than money and status. I wouldn't trade memories and experiences like these for the most expensive home or highend clothing or endless spa days. Nothing can compare.
Funny how things change.
P.S. I am usually successful, even on my worst days because I can get Evan to smile and laugh.
How do you define success?

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