Monday, October 10, 2011

October 2011 Photography Challenge: Days 4-6

I'm having fun! This challenge is like a photography treasure hunt. I'm not putting a lot of focus on perfection, just finding stuff in my environment that strikes me as interesting as it relates to the day's topic. It gives me something creative to look forward to.
Day 4: Something green

These are the leaves on my 3 year old tree. The light makes me feel like the day is winding down.
Day 5: From a high angle

This is my cat, Gary. I think this is his debut on the blog. He's 8 years old and a good friend. He sleeps on my head. Every night.
Day 6: From a low angle

Day 6 was a rough day. My little guy was sick. I had to snap a quick one or skip the assignment. So here is my son from a low angle. Giant baby!

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