Friday, October 14, 2011

October 2011 Photography Challenge: Days 7-9

I've been a little embarrassed to be sharing photos that are out of focus or poorly composed or have awful lighting....Yet, photos are a record of life and mine clearly show that I don't have a lot of time to strive for perfection. Of course I strive for it but it doesn't happen often. I feel like my photos are an honest interpretation of where I am in my life. So instead of withdrawing because my photos aren't good enough or exciting enough....I'm letting myself participate in this challenge to not only have fun, but to be honest, be real and learn about myself in the process. It's working!
Here we go!
Day 7: Fruit

Of course I have to post lots of photos of my boy, he's the light of my life therefore the subject of my photos! I started taking pictures of apples and he came up and grabbed one. He's not feeling good here but he had fun throwing the apple like a ball.
Day 8: A bad habit

This was easy. I have lots of bad habits. When I looked at the day's assignment (at 8pm) I was about ready to have some ice cream. How perfect. Sweets are my weakness but I can NEVER turn down a scoop of ice cream. Not a great habit when you're pregnant or trying to get in shape....
Day 9: Someone you love

This is my wonderful husband. We were super busy this week with a sick baby and work and all that stuff. I had to snap a quick picture of him as our child screamed at our feet....

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