Thursday, February 23, 2012

Update- 37.5 weeks

I went to the hospital today. I had sharp belly pains all night last night and contractions this morning. It turned out to be ligament pain (this baby is going to be bigger than my first) and the contractions were irregular and not indicative of real labor. Oh my word they felt (and still feel) like real labor. They checked the fluid around the baby and all is well. They were concerned about his heart rate and used a buzzer to wake him up and get him moving. Oh boy, it worked. So, babies fine, mama is hanging on by a thread....

Clearly I have a low tolerance of pain. Every time the baby moves it feels like knives in my belly and like my insides are being ripped apart. This is proof that no 2 pregnancies are alike. I don't remember feeling like this with Evan. Even as I sit here and type, the pain is terrible.

I'm going to attempt sleep.

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