Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Word on the Street

So. Had my checkup today (i'm 36.5 weeks) and baby could really come any time. I am dilated to a 3 which is funny to me because last time I was in the hospital way before I was a 3 since my water broke. I thought I was so far along and requested my epidural since the pain was so intense. I was only a 3 at the time I requested it....

I've been busy preparing for the baby's arrival. All the clothes are washed and folded, crib is cleaned and made with a fresh new sheet and his very own new blanket along with a little love (a giraffe). Originally I was going to do all kinds of cooking and freezing of foods and goodies. Truth be told. I'm too tired. Instead I've been making DIY baby books and creating a photo book at  and watching tv with John and generally soaking in the routine we've gotten so use to. Since all that is going to change. Soon.

So that's that. Our world is going to be turned upside down again and I'm excited and nervous all in one.

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