Friday, February 3, 2012

February Focus: Get Ready for #2!

January went okay for us. My focus was strong in the first week of the 21 day yoga challenge but slowly tapered off....midway during the 2nd week I started skipping days and by the 3rd week wasn't practicing at all due to a cranky, teether, sleepless toddler and a family stomach bug. It wasn't pretty. And I totally missed my practice. January showed me how much I love and need yoga to boost my energy and loosen up my tense and overworked body as well as a way to rest my mind. I hope to incorporate yoga at least 3 times a week. We also ate more vegetarian meals and I felt really good about it. I didn't do so hot in the area of getting more sleep. There's just so much to do and I only made myself go to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual but that's a start! Thanks January, for making me remember the importance of focusing on health.

February: time to get ready for baby #2. This means on the weekends and after Evan goes to bed, we'll be washing baby clothes, getting the hospital bag packed, making freezable meals and cleaning up the baby gear (swing, crib, carriers, car seat etc). I've again added the need to get sleep by turning in earlier since I'll wish I had in about a month!

Truth be told, I started a side project....I was totally hooked when I saw the Young House Love DIY baby book and had to do one for both boys. Each night for about 30 minutes, I have been working on making my own little baby books and I've really enjoyed it, too. I forget how being creative helps reduce stress, too. Once those are closer to being done, I'll show you.

So's not part of the get-ready-for-baby-#2 focus but I'm having fun doing it and it keeps my mind off how uncomfortable I am feeling these days.

Here's to February! What are you focusing on this month?

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