Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Oh my....I think I have a problem. I need an intervention. I am obsessed with paint, paint colors and paint samples. I have become so involved in finding the right beige, taupe and tan that it has consumed me. I think it about it when I wake up in the morning, when I am driving, when I am working and even in the shower.

The story:

We have an open floor plan where our kitchen, dining room and living room are all in this huge open space. It feels so disconnected because we had different areas painted different (non-complementary) colors. So we decided that we wanted to paint the whole space one neutral color to have the space flow and become connected. We both really like the Sand White (from Glidden) that we have painted on one wall already so we agreed that that should be the color for the whole space. Plus,  I am obsessed with Young House Love and inspired to use them as a model.

2 weeks ago John primed the kitchen and dining room. Then John and I painted for 3 nights in a row after Evan went to sleep. Then....I decided I didn't like the color. I scowled when I looked at it. So, I start scouring the internet for perfect neutrals, I head to the home improvement stores for paint chips and samples...this week I have picked up a paint sample EVERYDAY after work. Then John and I start sifting through my growing collection of samples only to find that I brought home samples that are exactly the same as ones that I purchased last year...I have a problem.

Each day I find pics on the internet with THE PERFECT paint color and become very excited that I have finally found the right color. I go pick up a sample, paint it on the wall only to find that I HATE it. I am driving my poor husband nuts. So, tonight I agreed that we would keep the original color but get a different sheen. Right now it's a semi-gloss and it's much too shiny for me. I have gotten use to the color over the passed 2 weeks and it's growing on me. It's good to get out of my comfort zone and explore. It was very hard for me and I felt desperate to find something that was closer to what I'm use to.'s just paint! Clearly I need to loosen up a bit and just go with it.

So, we will complete this little project this weekend. I can't post before pics because of sheer embarrassment. Just think paint splotches of various shades of tan, taupe and beige splattered everywhere.

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