Sunday, March 6, 2011

Evan is 7 Months!

Oh my, another month has flown by. My sweet baby boy is growing so fast. In the beginning I was willing him forward toward milestones but now I am desperately trying to slow the flow of luck yet.

My Dearest Evan,

I say it every month: I can't believe you are another month older. I can't believe we have already reached this point. You are such an amazing boy and I love watching you grow and discover. Your curiosity gives me such a kick. It's so much fun just to watch you play and figure out how to pick something up or reach something. A lot went on this month:

Daycare: We met a wonderful lady who now takes care of you while I'm at work. You have a little lady friend there that you just smile at whenever you see her, it's adorable! I'm so happy that you are in a safe, clean, caring environment. You come home happy everyday!

Feeding: You have continued your love affair with spaghetti this month. We have really expanded your food horizons with all sorts of new flavors. I can already tell you will have my sweet like fruit and the sweet stuff. You'll eat the veggies but aren't thrilled about it. You have enjoyed mac and cheese, muffins, baby veggie puffs, animal crackers, teething biscuits, green beans, acorn squash, parsnip and apple soup, french toast and more. I hope you continue your efforts to try new things. Feeding you real food has helped us to cook more healthy foods and has helped us try new things that we wouldn't otherwise. It's been fun!

Diapering: Oh, oh, oh my...Since you have been eating solids (thick purees and real food) twice a day, your diaper contents have been quite difficult for me to handle. I was NOT prepared. You are so squirmy and you get upset when I ruin your play time to change your diaper or if I am not going fast enough.

Activities: Since you can sit up on your own now, you have been playing with blocks and balls. You like to throw things and bang your hands on hard surfaces. You still enjoy rolling all over and you are as fast as ever. The most amazing thing this month is that you get up on all fours and rock back and forth. You attempt to bring your knee forward but are not quite sure what to do next. I can tell you'll be zooming around here in no time. You still love being outside and on days that aren't too chilly, we are sure to go for a walk. You have also started saying "Ba" it melts my heart to hear your little voice form sounds.

Stats: 26 inches long and 17lbs 3 oz at 6 months and 15 days. You are getting SO big. We had to go on another shopping spree for clothes because you keep growing out of everything.


You were such a happy boy this month! Watching you grow has been such a joy, Evan. You are the brightest part of my days, you're my sunshine!

Love Forever,


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