Saturday, March 5, 2011


Today was Evan's first time swimming. We attended a free baby swim class to see if this is something we'd like to continue. He loved it! He was so calm and relaxed (he loves baths so I'm not surprised). This is definitely something I will continue doing. It was fun for me to see him in a new environment and adjusting to it smoothly, watching the other kids and new faces and getting to spend time with my baby boy. He was a good sport because it was a bit chilly. The water was warm but the cool air getting out of the pool wasn't pleasant but he hung in there like a pro. I think these swimming lessons are incredibly important because swimming is such a typical thing for much of the year here in the desert. Pool parties, swimming at the grandparent's and going to the community pools and even the water parks will be something I can see Evan doing and I need to keep him safe by educating him. He is classified as a platypus (cute!) at swim school until he is one. As a platypus we are introduced to back floating (if they fall into a pool they can save themselves and call for help by immediately turning and floating on their backs), monkey walking (walking with their hands along the wall to find the steps to get out of the pool), kicking and getting out of the pool (one elbow on the wall, then the other, then a knee and then the other). I'm really excited about this. Of course I went all out buying his swimming attire....I got him cute little trunks, a swim top, hat, matching towel and shoes to wear afterwards....I couldn't help it!

It was funny, many of the instructors crowded around my sweet boy and kept saying how cute he was and how great it was that he was so calm and relaxed. I couldn't help but have a big grin plastered across my face the whole time. When we got home Evan crashed for a couple hours. Good workout, some mommy and son quality time, learning something new....that's time well spent. Dad snapped some pics for us to remember the moment:

Pre-swim snack: hands

 Monkey walk

 Monkey walk with teacher (See that poor dude in the background? He wasn't happy)

 Monkey walk with teacher

Flirting with another teacher

Back floating 

Can't wait to do it again! (Now I'm off to work on the 7 month post that I am late on.....)


  1. You guys are too cute! I especially love your matching green suits. It sounds like you both had lots of fun.

  2. what great pics I hope you continue with his swim lessons he really loves it great job !


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