Friday, March 11, 2011

oh no he di'int

So, I'm in line at the grocery store, my items are on the little conveyer belt and I have placed a divider between my items and the items of the person in front of me. A gentleman gets in line behind me and places his items on the belt behind mine. The cashier tells me my total and it was way too much for what I was buying. I look through the bags to find a few things that belonged to the man behind me. He had never put a divider down. I tell the cashier what's not mine and she asks the man if the items are his and he says, "No." WHAT? WEIRD.....and to top it off he stood very very close to me. I was wearing my baby in front and Evan could have reached out and touched him.....This happened to me twice this week. I don't get it. I was so irritated that I almost said, "You best step off me or yous about to get tow up!"

That's all.

Now for a cute little shot of the ears:

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