Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January Focus: 21 Day Yoga Journal Challenge

This month I am choosing to focus on the 21 day yoga challenge. Each evening after Evan goes to bed, no matter what (with the exception of headaches and nausea) I will do a yoga practice (whether it's the practice that is part of the challenge or my own) and attempt to meditate.

To expand on this focus, I'll be more aware of my family's health, eating habits and stress levels. I hope to reduce our consumption of meat and sugar, increase our consumption of water, veggies and fruits and to increase our physical activity (to as much as I can handle at this point...) I also hope to reduce our stress levels by slowing down to get rid of that rushed feeling as well as getting more sleep. This means getting things ready the night before (lunches, bags, clothes etc) and planning better and going to bed earlier.

In focusing on these things, I'll put aside my hobbies like baking and reading and my concern for the dishes in the sink. Those things can wait. The laundry might not get folded, oh well.

I am 2 days in and I feel really good! I also feel calm and patient which is rare for me. I think this focus is going to a good one to prepare me for the dark days of having a newborn!

I hope you are on your way to achieving your 2012 goals!

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