Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunday Scoop

Here I am for another edition of the Sunday Scoop:

1) Speaking of scoops, I discovered Ben and Jerry's 3.6 ounce containers of deliciousness. It's enough to satisfy your sweet treat craving but ensures you don't eat an entire carton of ice cream. Yum!

2) Evan has learned to take us by the hand and guide us to what he wants. For example, if he wants to go outside he will grab your hand and pull you to the door. He cracks me up.

3) I learned some important lessons for toddler gift giving. I'll post more details soon but lets just say that most everything I picked out could be returned and he wouldn't miss anything. The one thing he LOVES involves a slide.

4) John and I had the week off from work and it was lovely! Except for the 3 hour glucose test I had to endure last Thursday...ick. Other than that, we spent time together, playing. getting outside, going on walks (it was in the 70s for the most part!) and John exercised his carpentry skills to make us another piece of custom furniture (more to come on this)!

5) I'm now 30 weeks pregnant and times are getting' tough. I can't get comfortable. I have achy hips, sciatic pain, cramped stomach and lungs and I'm just plain tired. On the bright side I have 10 weeks to go, I can't believe it!

6) For a while now, Evan has been making diaper changes something I dread. I was at my wits end this week and decided to post a question in the MOM365 forum. I got some great feed back with ideas and tricks from other mom's in the same boat. Check this out if you need ideas for taming your toddler during a diaper change.

Happy New Year!

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