Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Scoop

1. Had Monday off with the little dude and had a wonderful day. Play date, no whining, lots of play time. It was awesome.

2. Freaked out because I realized I am 33 weeks and not at all prepared to have this baby! I haven't been practicing relaxation techniques, no bag packed, no going home outfit for baby. Eek. I am feeling anxious, large and overwhelmed.

3. Started my project DIY baby book. Going to re-do Evan's so it's more personalized and gathering materials for the new baby's. Then they can see the love and creativity that went into their baby books.

4. John installed the new baby's car seat this weekend. It hit me. This is real. I am going to be toting around 2 kiddos. Oh my.

5. Got a hideous haircut this weekend. I asked for a trim off the bottom since I am growing it out. Somehow that translated into, "give me way too many layers that are way to short and don't listen to anything I say." I vow to cut my own hair from here on out. I've had more bad haircuts than I can count.

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