Monday, January 23, 2012

Lessons from a bad haircut

I got a terrible haircut. It was supposed to be a trim. Just a trim. I look like I've been through a blender. I don't do short layers. There are a ton of short layers now. Ick. I've had LOTS of awful haircuts in my day so I'm an expert on how to deal with them!

Some things you can do to deal with your messed up mane:

1. Pin it. Use bobby pins to pin up the icky parts so only the bottom (longest layer) shows. Then it looks like you have longer hair all over, even when you don't. This is my number one plan of attack. I'm actually doing it right now. I pinned the top layers back and let the longest layers down so it looks like I didn't even get a haircut!

2. Use a flat iron to flip it out. Take the messy hair route and use some pomade to make it look messy. Then you take the focus off how short it is or how badly cut the layers are. People just notice your new messy look which is always in.

3. Wear a big and pretty necklace or a big colorful scarf. Takes the focus off your head.

4. Pretty headbands. Sparkles, wide or with a little embellishment, these will push the short layers back and away from your face, again, hiding the icky parts.

5. Blow dry it flat. Don't try to get volume on top right now, it'll just make the top layers look even shorter.

6. Take care of your hair. Eat healthy foods and drink a lot of water. Oh and brush it really well each night because scalp stimulation aids in hair growth.

7. Fedora. Snag a cool fedora for the weekends, you'll look stylish and hide the mess underneath.

8. Visit with a different stylist for a consultation and see if there's any hope in morphing your 'do into something you CAN do. Explain your ultimate goal (to grow it out etc), you don't want to take off much more but maybe there are adjustments that can be made to make it easier to handle. Better yet, scour the internet or hair magazines and bring the pics to consultation. Look for 'dos that are similar in length.

Good luck. Remember that hair grows. It won't be this way forever! Yes, I'm reminding myself to keep from crying.

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