Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday Scoop

1) I'm 32 weeks. I can't believe it. We are getting close! Time to haul in the baby stuff, wash everything and start thinking about the sleepless nights.

2) Are nursing tops worth the money? I can't decide if I want to buy some. With Evan I just used my regular shirts but I remember it was annoying at times because the fit was too tight or the material wasn't stretchy enough.

3) I learned this week that ignoring Evan when he's being mischevious helps stop his actions quicker than saying "No," or "Don't touch that." He was standing on the couch messing with the lamp shade and looking at me with that mischevious smile. I turned away and didn't say anything. He stopped, hopped off the couch and went to play with his toys!

4) I don't like small talk. Small office talk, like at the copy machine. I'll do it to be polite but it is painful and annoying. I don't like when people give human traits to inanimate objects. Like when the copy machine stops working and someone says, "Oh, it's just tired, haha." Drives me nuts. Ok, I'm glad I could get that out.

5) I want to read some new blogs. Any suggestions? What's your favorite? I like blogs that pertain to cooking, mommy stuff, inspiration, decorating, DIY etc.


  1. Hi my name is Tara and I went to high school with John when he lived in Shelby, OH. I have been following your blog clear back when you were pregnant with Evan (who is absolutely adorable!) and have really enjoyed reading your posts.
    I see that you are looking for more blogs to read and I have been telling all my mommy friends about Rants from Mommyland ( . This is a hilarious blog written by two women who have such a honest and humorous outlook on being a mom.
    Flylady ( really helped me get my house in order, clear out the clutter and keep me on a relaxed cleaning schedule so I don't feel like I have to clean every second of the day.
    Those are my 2 most favorite blogs! I hope you enjoy them too.

    1. Hi Tara! Thanks so much for tuning in. I will definitely check out those blogs. Thanks for the recommendations!


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