Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mish Mash and a Pity Party

This is a mish mash post since I have a few different topics going on here.

We finished our homemade mobile project! We hung it over the changing table to give the little guy some entertainment during diaper changes. We made the entire mobile for under $10, I'm impressed, not to toot my own horn or anything.....

Doing these crafty things has helped bring back my creativity that has been hiding for many years. I have been reading a bunch of crafty blogs and now I am sooo inspired to do more projects! Sure it's easy to go out and buy things, but to make something with your own hands that reflects your style exactly as you want it to, is priceless. It's easy to get carried away though....I remember starting new projects and never finishing them...I vow to only have a maximum of 3 projects going at any time and complete them before moving on to something else. Sometime soon I will try my hand at fabric stretching for wall hangings!

Here are my 37 week belly pics. Oh my, I look huge! I feel huge! It has been so hot and muggy and I am to that uncomfortable point in my pregnancy.

Had a doctor's appointment today. I am up to 150 lbs! No dilation :( Baby is doing great but my bp is up a little. I feel like it is. I have that anxious, overwhelmed, stressed out and can't breathe sort of feeling. I feel like I can't get things in balance. The following is a list of needs and wants in my life for which I cannot find enough time in a day or even a week to accomplish them all. I can't for the life of me figure how some people can juggle all of these things.

  1. Spend time with my husband
  2. Eat right
  3. Drink enough water
  4. Get enough rest
  5. Exercise
  6. Work a full time job
  7. Chores
  8. Cook dinner
  9. Explore/enjoy a hobby
  10. Continue preparing for baby boy (supplies, nursery prep and reading)
  11. Walk the dogs
  12. Breathe
I just don't understand how people find the time to do all of these things in a day. I realize most everything will be sacrificed when E arrives. I guess I just need to mellow out and accept that I can only do so much. Just looking at this list stresses me out.

Okay, so I am also turning into a grouch! Yesterday it became clear to me that I am in a grouchy mood and I was walking around scowling. I was a rude driver, mean to my poor husband, banging around in the kitchen and just all around awful. I really felt like kicking a door in or something of a violent nature. I kept dropping things, hitting my elbow, stubbing my must have been karma for how awful I was being. I tried my hardest to break out of it today...I think I only partially did. I think I am just to the point in this pregnancy that I am just ready. I can't get comfortable at night so I barely get any sleep, E's movements hurt now that he is running out of room, Braxton Hicks contractions are getting stronger and more frequent which is NOT fun, my maternity clothes are very tight now (!), it's so stinkin' hot and I want to meet our baby!

Okay enough pity partying for me. Thanks for stopping by!

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