Monday, July 5, 2010

Sewing Projects Continued

This weekend I took Friday off and relaxed and did some more projects! It was nice not to have an agenda. I made a couple of things and surprised myself that they actually turned out!

I made 2 cloth diaper covers. In the first picture you can see the bottom cover has the pattern turned upside down....that was my first try and I did a better a job on the second cover. They are cute but it's good to know they'll be covered by clothing!

I made another boppy cover. The striped fabric is the bottom of the cover and I ended up adjusting the design a little because my original cover was hard to put on the pillow. This design was MUCH easier to get on the pillow. I just moved the opening to one of the legs when originally it was in the middle of the U.

I made a nursing cover, too. I was really disappointed to find that something so simple ran around $30 to $40. I liked that I could just make my own that would fit me and be unique in fabric pattern. I was SO proud that I did this because I had no pattern and guess how much it cost me to make it......$1.75. The fabric was on sale and I didn't need that much and I had fun making it. This was the first time that I made my own button hole and it worked out! Now, if you were to look closely you could see how awful my stitching is BUT it is still functional so I'm not crying about it.

I have 2 other projects that I am working on today and hopefully I'll have something to show for it by next weekend. This hobby that I have come back to after so many years has proven to be fun, satisfying and a great way to beat the heat. It has also helped me forget that we have put cable on hiatus!

More to come soon: more project results, nursery pics and 36 week belly pics!

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