Thursday, July 8, 2010

Diapers, a Project and Anxiety

Last weekend I started this project for little dude's room. These little penguin guys will eventually become a mobile that will hang over the changing table. I was inspired by a penguin mobile on Etsy, pictured above. My guys are below.

I know my stitching is awful but I wanted to make something for my little guy rather than to buy it. I hope he likes it! They are fun to make now that I am over my perfectionism temper tantrum. I was really upset that I couldn't get everything uniform or straight but I have accepted that this is inherent with handmade items from inexperienced people. I have been lazy this week and didn't make any penguins. I hope to finish this project this weekend, I figure I won't be able to procrastinate much longer....

Below is a pic of a part of baby's room. John hung the curtains and valances like a pro. I still need to hem the bottom of the curtains so they don't drag on the ground....and my list of things to do continues to grow...

Important update!!! John and I have decided to do cloth diapers! I was VERY inspired by other blogs as well as coworkers. I did like 16 hours of research on this decision and I am very happy. I am excited to jump into something that helps preserve the environment AND saves money AND is better for baby boy! Below shows the beginnings of my stash. We are starting out with 30 Indian cotton prefolds, 2 snappis, diaper liners, and 4 diaper covers along with our Rockin Green diaper wash. It's crazy how the dipes fluff up to like 2 or 3 times their original size after a couple of prep washes!

I thought I would really have to sell the idea to John so I made charts, spreadsheets etc to prove my case. But to my surprise he was on board immediately. I am also excited because there are so many cute diaper cover designs out there. Also, after making the 2 on the left and seeing how cheap and easy it is, I am hooked!

After all that research, I decided to go with Cotton Babies for the initial purchase. I also discovered a Tucson based company called Ten Tiny Piggies which offers free shipping for Tucson customers. I read all kinds of articles and blogs about cloth diapering and there is a lot of good information and guidance out there. It's not as hard as people might think!

"That's going to be a lot of work," you say? I have heard this opinion often. I am willing to do more work in order to benefit our checkbook and baby's well being. What's another load of laundry? I have already accepted that there will be more laundry no matter what diaper method we go with.

Below is just a random pic from today. I was organizing the changing table and saw Myron running away. He was running because John was giving Molly a bath and he thought he was next! It's really out of focus but his face is sooo worried I had to put it up. Little does he know his bath is tomorrow.

General pregnancy update: I am coming up on 37 weeks. I have been having contractions that are noticeable for over a week now. I actually went to the hospital last week because I felt like little dude was trying to escape with an ice pick. Got checked out and everything's fine. The contractions have been a little stronger each day and are happening more often each day. I still work so it's a little embarrassing to grimace while talking to a coworker or boss when a mean contractions sneaks up on me. I am trying my hardest to preserve my vacation days in order to extend the time I can spend with my guy. It's getting so hard though! I had a melt down a few nights back because of all my to do lists and the feeling of wanting everything to be perfect and the anxiety about the impending birthing process....I won't lie, I am scared out of my mind about it but I just keep thinking women do this every day and I have to trust my body. Plus, I can't wait to see my rowdy baby boy. He has been out of control with his karate or dance moves or whatever he does in there. He moves around so much I feel like it shakes my whole body! I have also been VERY tired as I can't get comfortable enough to fall into a deep sleep. Oh well, it's all part of this incredible journey and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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