Sunday, July 25, 2010

Maternity Photo Shoot

Today John and I went to Agua Caliente and did a photo shoot! I had a lot of fun hanging out and capturing this last part of the pregnancy journey. Thanks to A for the site suggestion. I think it's one of the only places in town that has grass!

Thank you to my wonderful husband for enduring the awful heat and humidity to capture these memories. Thank you for your creativity and talent in taking and editing these images!

Here are a few images from the shoot, the rest can be seen at the link that follows.

Check the rest out here:

So, I am now in my 39th week and ready to get this show on the road. We are ready and anxious to meet our little dude. I had my weekly doctor's appointment on Wednesday and found that I am 1 cm dilated! I know that means next to nothing but hey, it's 1 cm I don't have to worry about, only 9 more to go! Tomorrow is my last day at work until November. I want to have a little time to rest up, complete some projects at home, get a little more organized and just have a little mini vacation. I think it will help me accomplish some things on my to-do lists and reduce the stress of feeling overwhelmed. I might even sneak in a sewing project of a cute little clutch, we'll see.

I think it is crazy that the baby is due in August and 10 years ago in August, John and I started dating. 10 years ago I never could have imagined that I'd be married to the man of my dreams and my best friend and starting our family. I feel so lucky and so HAPPY!

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  1. WOW! I love your pictures!!! Send me your address, on Facebook, so that I can send you something for the baby!


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